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Web-logs or Blogs are essentially web-sites that are generally updated frequently, entries or posts are marked by date (each post has its own web-page/web-address/URL) similar to a diary format.

Web-logs are used for various types of content, such as personal journals, journalism, newsletters, etc., can include images, audio, video

No programming knowledge is required, only minimum computer skills are needed to run a simple blog.

The real power of blogs is that you can broadcast news and messages to many people.

Great to capture daily thoughts, dilemma’s, insights, to the company or world at large for feedback …this works as a collaborative tool.

Documenting personal experiences are a key to gaining some knowledge from a person which would have otherwise stayed in their head…good for sharing implicit skills in the workplace, skills you didn’t even know you possessed.

Main problem that a blog overcomes is e-mail silos and hard drive silos. There may be information in personal e-mails and hard drives that is useful for more than one person. Also using a blog to store information or as a link storage to information is much more manageable and retrievable than current methods.

At the moment we have little islands of information, where the inhabitants don’t know where things are let alone sourcing knowledge from other islands.

The result is that blogs spore a collaborative environment where common interests are shared, idle information is tapped, and knowledge is transferred.


Blogs complement the e-mail system.

E-mail’s strength is in one to one personal contact, and its privacy.

Blogs can be private to a company, by hiding behind a company firewall, so they are not visible to the World Wide Web, and private channels can also be accessed. Again for one to one personal contact email is more appropriate.

Problem with email is searching for stuff that is filed in a folder somewhere, you hope!
E-mail is not built to be a repository to store information; further more attachments filed away in folders take up lots of server space, especially when mail has been forwarded around resulting in many people having the same attachments.

A far more efficient solution is using a blog entry with a link to where the document (attachment) is stored.

Blogs can be searched by date, keyword, or by category (some blogs let you designate a topic/s to each entry), acting as a personal filing cabinet.

In organisations each staff member can post an entry to their own blog or group blog or project blog, that is assigned with a topic that is simultaneously syndicated to a master blog; acting as an intranet or share-drive where staff can find communal documents or links pointing to where documents are stored.

This works better than looking for attachments in an email based system, or documents stored in a folder in the share-drive.
The blogs and/or master blog can link to files kept in a document server instead of using attachments.


Blogs also act as a reference hub, as you can store: links of articles, other blogs, favourite sites, search boxes, etc. , on the sidebar of the blog.

Favourite links can also be stored in an electronic filing cabinet such as FURL, see the
ACNM library research tools archive.
These are only for web-pages; local files such as WORD, PDF, etc are coming soon!

This type of archive can be used as an alternative to our current ACNM “Drop files” or e-mail accounts, ie. some teachers supply students with a log-in to an email address where they can access materials for their studies.


To find out if there is any new content on someone’s blog you don’t necessarily have to visit the web-site. A better way is for the site to visit you when there is new content; this is handy when you subscribe to 10 or more blogs or web-sites.

To do this you need to set up a news reader or feed reader and subscribe to the feed URL of the web-site, usually visible by an orange XML button,
click here for instructions.

The beauty of RSS feeds as a publisher is that you don’t need to manage a mailing list, people can subscribe or unsubscribe with minimal fuss. The advantage for the consumer is they can pull the information to themselves rather than being pushed the information.


All posts or entries have a comments feature where readers can leave feedback or discussion.

Instead of leaving a comment in your blog, people may want to post an entry in their own blog, referring or linking to your entry. You can track who is talking about you by, trackback (if your blog supports it) or by entering the web-address of your particular web-log post or entry in a RSS/Blog search engine such as
Bloglines, Feedster, Technorati, Waypath, etc.

Blog conversations are not as easy to follow, but can be done.

Blogs are more about an authors insight, where discussion lists are restricted to a topic, and administered by a moderator.

Discussion lists are confined to the community of members, whereas blogs can be open to input from the public on the WWW, people are hesitant to add comments if they have to register first.

If blogs do initiate discussion, further discussion can be moved to a discussion list, such as



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It is widely accepted that these states are all forms of self-hypnosis. If you take this view you can easily see that you go into and out of mild hypnotic states on a daily basis - when driving home from work, washing the dishes, or even listening to a boring conversation. Although these situations produce a mental state that is very receptive to suggestion the most powerful time for self-change occurs in the trance state brought on by intentional relaxation and focusing exercises. This deep hypnosis is often compared to the relaxed mental state between wakefulness and sleep.
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A hypnotist can not get you to do anything you don't want to do.
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