Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Web-site Monitoring

If you want to keep up-to-date with a particular website and they don’t have a regular email (update) newsletter or an RSS feed, try monitoring the web-pages and having the updates emailed.

There are many services that provide monitoring; one of the free providers is

WatchThatPage will find changes on web-pages and collect this new content for you to browse.

This allows monitoring of web-pages (not entire web-sites), so you may need to enter many web-pages for the same web-site. These monitored web-pages can be managed with folders.

When filling out your profile you can choose what day (or everyday) and what time (or every hour) you would like the updates emailed, you can also halt all emails and view your updates only on your
watchthatpage account.

All the updates are included in the one email.
If you don’t want to mix your personal updates with your work updates, try creating another channel, so you get two separate emails of updates.

You can also get updates according to changes that match keywords of your choice.

It takes minutes to set up and is very user friendly.

See that WatchThatPage website for more information and setting up an account.


See also Sitespector. It's free website's changes monitoring tool.

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