Wednesday, September 22, 2004

List of Health&Medical RSS feeds (Natural Medicine)

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Visit this site for an ultimate guide to an introduction on RSS:

Weblogs or ‘blogs’ usually are web-sites that are in a diary format. They are commonly personal accounts or daily, weekly, monthly happenings on certain subject matter or issues-the most common being daily news sites. Regularly checking your favourite blog helps you keep on top of the latest information you want to know.

More on blogs see:

To keep on top of information people check their favourites or bookmark folder daily, subscribe to websites that email the latest updates, or belong to list-discussion groups.

Another way of keeping up-to-date is using RSS (rdf site syndication) enabled sites. At the moment these are on most blog or news related web-sites.
These sites have a label saying ‘syndication’ or orange label saying ‘XML’ or ‘RSS’. Click this link, then cut and paste the information in the address bar, into your RSS reader or aggregator in order to subscribe to the site.

A personal reader is where your sites are stored, usually every hour your reader checks your collection of web-sites for any new information and presents the results. Generally the headlines and abstract are shown, clicking on links will take you to the actual site for further information.

Here is an explanatory article:

Concise explanation:

This is an instruction of how to get started:

More instructions on Bloglines:

Free aggregator: Bloglines

A list of some popular Health RSS feeds

BMC feeds

News is free
Health -
Alternative Medicine -
Diseases -


PR Web


more from

Medical News Today

All headline news

choose from “more headlines” drop down menu

choose a topic and scroll down for the feed

Homeopathy in the news

Analysis and discussion on alternative health and medical news – Acublog: Western Research, Eastern Medicine

search query feeds


Biome Headline News

Health & Medical -
Low-carb diets -
Mental Health -
Trends in Fitness -


This is a rewired version of PubMed developed by University of Glasgow Division of Immunology, Infection & Inflammation.

Hubmed lets you create an RSS feed on a search query…every time the search term appears in PubMed it appears in your reader as an update.

Eg. Perform a search such as acupuncture. On the results page an XML logo is located on the top right hand corner, click on this and cut n’ paste the web-site address into your reader.
Now anytime the word, acupuncture, appears in PubMed you will be notified.


The above news websites and more can be viewed at
This is a public version of my Bloglines account.

Start your own account and populate it with entries from my account in 2 minutes.

To register email:

Otherwise register directly at:

View explanation:


collection of bookmarks or websites/pages


every-hour these bookmarks are scanned, alerting the user of any new content...these bookmarks are rss enabled
(there are directories and search engines available to collect rss enabled sites) see below

What happens is the collection of bookmarks (left pane) highlight in bold if there is new content, but since I'm sharing my viewer this won't happen for others. Instead when you click on a bookmark (left pane), the right pane will give you a choice of seeing the last session, last hour, 24 hours, week, etc..

This isn’t too innovative as you have to click on the bookmarks to see if there is any new content - whereas if it's your own personal viewer the bookmarks highlight in bold alerting you of new content. Once finished reading the new content the bold disappears in the bookmark (left pane), or to read the rest later choose "mark unread" so it stays bold in the bookmark (left pane)…you even save individual content posts (right pane) into a folder.

You can even search the full-text of all your bookmarks, and many more features.

There are many aggregators to choose from, usually at a price.
A popular one is Newsgator:, costs $29
This delivers news straight into your Microsoft outlook folders.
Here is a screen shot:

Collect RSS feeds to add to your reader and/or search within RSS feed search engines

These 2 websites list RSS related sites

News Search Portal

Faganfinder – Blogs

Search for RSS feeds

Yahoo! – advanced search


Search in RSS feeds





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